Shall we release some story spores? Yeah, why not.


A while ago Jeff Noon introduced me to Story Spores when he and EchoVirus12 started releasing them. It was fun to read and watch people expand the mini-verse created in small blocks of 140 characters.

I eventually started to reply with my own continuations on not only the original story but also to extend other peoples take on the initial post. Now I have begun to write my own.

The Rules Are Simple:
1) Reply/Comment on a fiction post.
2) Echo or continue the post.
3) Don’t continue your own post.
4) Keep the character limit similar to the original post.
5) Join in.



With a whoosh and a scraping on plastic, the mug crashed and bang down on the table, the sharpener disappearing inside. We heard a following yelp of surprise, talons skittling to the other side. 2/3 #StorySpore