Shall we release some story spores? Yeah, why not.


A while ago Jeff Noon introduced me to Story Spores when he and EchoVirus12 started releasing them. It was fun to read and watch people expand the mini-verse created in small blocks of 140 characters.

I eventually started to reply with my own continuations on not only the original story but also to extend other peoples take on the initial post. Now I have begun to write my own.

The Rules Are Simple:
1) Reply/Comment on a fiction post.
2) Echo or continue the post.
3) Don’t continue your own post.
4) Keep the character limit similar to the original post.
5) Join in.



The flowers pressed between the blank blotting paper, left and forgotten. The more years pass the more words flow out of the decaying flowers, telling tales of their vivid colours.  #StorySpore